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Why enerpad?
Tips Memilih Power Bank
About Samya Tech.

Product Overview

Satu-satunya powerbank yang beredar resmi di Indonesia dengan keunggulan :
Brand New Japan Cell  (Sanyo / Panasonic),
4 Fitur Proteksi (short circuit, over charge, over discharge, temperature)
Real Capacity
Dapat mengisi baterai kosong
Port Khusus Galaxy/Smartphone/Ipad
Adaptor Original
Standar Internasional (ISO 9001/14000)
UL Certification
Garansi 12 Bulan

Powerbank enerpad sudah kami Test Hardwarenya, Hasilnya -> BERANI DIADU DENGAN MEREK LAIN !!!

Our Location

Kami merupakan toko online, namun agan bisa melakukan COD atau maen ke kantor ane di jakarta selatan, kalau weekend ane di Depok, silakan hubungi ane untuk janjian ya,

Terimakasih gan

1. Always use the cable(s) include in the package or National certification transformer to charge your devices.
2. Do not expose the power bank to rain or moisture.
3. Never try to open the case of the mobile bank or attempt your own repairs.
4. Do not drop, place heavy weight on, or allow strong impact to the mobile bank.
5. Keep away from high temperature and high humidity.
6. The product is not intended for use by young children without supervision.
7. Do not install metal to the power bank.
8. Remove the DC cable first before switching off the power bank after charging your device

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